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“My New Years Podcast for 2014″


Podcast no.2 New Years Podcast

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Looking back at 2013

The Year 2013






“Improvements and Failures”

  • My number of daily visitors has gone up from an average of 75 (1st January 2013) to 245 (29 December 2013)
  • My number of monthly visitors has gone up from 2,760 (1st January 2013 to 6,793 (29 December 2013)
  • Bounce rate stayed around 77% throughout 2013, in spite of the new set up of my home page
  • Have started my email list in May 2013 with Aweber and have currently 290 subscribers
  • Another blog has for the first time guest posted on my blog
  • Have done my first guest post on another blog
  • Have recorded my first Podcast
  • Have written my first product review
  • Have made my first humble affiliate commission on 28th September 2013 of $8.40 All together I have made about $32 until now, not really spectacular but at least a beginning. Thanks again to the people who purchased one of my products.


Looking forward into 2014

The Year 2014






“Targets and Improvements”

  • Have to redesign my home page, my bounce rate didn’t show any signs yet of decreasing.
  • Will decrease the amount of posts in my sidebar by listing categories only. Once arrived at the category page all the links of the particular posts will be listed.
  • Will create a free 101 arranging course to explain what it means, for what it can be used and how to get started. Will set up a frame work with bullet points, examples and videos.
  • Will create video screen capture presentations and walk through’s of products and posts for visitors who prefer visual presentations.
  • Will try, if time allows it, to get to know my subscribers a bit better by doing Google Hangouts or Skype Calls.
  • Will do a few more surveys to fine tune what people are looking for on my blog.

So there you have it. There are many goals to be achieved, however I think they are possible either in the short or long term.

Wish you a happy, peaceful, prosperous and inspirational “New Year 2014″. All the best to you guys and keep believing in yourself (sometimes easier said than done).







Hans Hansen


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About the Author:

Hans Hansen is the author and founder of “The Music Arrangers Page” and is always happy to share his passion for music arranging. In addition, he is a well experienced piano & bass guitar teacher, specializing in classical, rock and jazz. He also likes to invite you to download his Special Free Gift and connect with him on Facebook & Twitter or leave a comment on his blog.

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